Strengthening Exterior Walls with Durable Render Coatings

Enhancing Properties with Wall Insulation and Rendering

The walls of your property are constantly exposed to the weather, with strong winds and heavy rain often causing damage. Weatherproof your walls and reduce the chances of damage occurring with my wall rendering services. I’m Ryan Bulmer, the owner of RB Render Coatings, and I specialise in applying all types of renders and finishes to exterior walls, including a scratch render that is applied using a machine. Alongside rendering, I also install external wall insulation.

Effective Insulation for Exterior Walls

Reduce unnecessary heat loss from your property and see your energy bills drop considerably with my exterior wall insulation (EWI) work. Exceptional insulation is fitted to the outside of your home before a durable and self-cleaning render is applied on top for added protection. The cost of the insulation will be recouped in no time thanks to the reduction in your heating bill.

A Protective Render Guaranteed to Last

Offering the protection your property needs from even the harshest of weather, the high-performance polymer render systems I use still allow your property to breathe. They are entirely weatherproof, absorb high-impact debris, and come in a variety of colours to match the rest of your property. The render is of such a high standard that it comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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